So I’ve got a New Plan and The Gershwin-Schoenberg Argument

ok so I’ve got a new plan, 11 24 2014
1. I will do the “big project-related” thing FIRST thing in the morning.
2. I will not waste time on facebook or other “highly addictive and low-yield stimulations (I didn’t say porn), by using the APP “Self Control” (it’s really an application.
3. I will “carry over” the energy of being warmed up, with a BIG project that helps me FOCUS, into the things I NEED to do, smaller, responsibility type things.
and, the entire time, I will bear in mind that
I need to do things MY way, and only need to take advice from others on how THEY would do things
AFTER I have done them my way and failed so bloody much that it only makes sense to ask others, not the reverse as is usually the case.
lets do it.
p.s. the skull and crossbones really is the icon for that app, it’s not illegit, I use it often.
p.p.s this is because I’m ADD, or ADHD, and without something that I “actually care about”, I am kinda highly dysfunctional, and an emotional mess, and all my energies go towards self-blame and trying to act like other people (which I am terrible at) and the whole enterprise is very wasteful, instead of just BEING myself and using MY skills.

Gershwin of George fame once, supposedly, sought composition lessons from no less than Arnold Schoenberg.

reportedly, Schoenberg declined, saying something akin to
“but if I gave you composition lessons, you’d just become a bad Schoenberg; you’re already sich a great Gerswhin!”

I call this
“The Gershwin-Scheonberg Argument,” it being an argument for being oneself and using one’s own strengths, rather than shamefully squandering them.

an oddly-constructed poem

assless-pants gay
opening like what???
holding group.
jody fuck
he went to a WHAT?
to a chamber music coach…. and asked if there was any way I can get what I’m doing funded by any organization that such and such person knows about…
yes. the umbrella… …
I get it. I dig it. month and name.
deploy the fleet

I can’t talk:)
I gotcha tooltip… right ‘ea.
something else
this is telling search engines not to give this huge site more power than mine, ah yes.
you manipulative cocksucker.
and now on stage, PAUL AND THE TOOL TIP TITLES!!!

Beethoven sometimes

on rare occasions (less so, lately) I reach back to high school times and listen to Beethoven Piano Sonata’s no. 8 and 23 (pathetique in c minor and the f minor one that then goes to F# Major, in both the first and 3d movements.)
I listen to some of the fully diminished 7 chords and go apeshit.
I use those moments to teach young people about the awesomeness that are fully diminished 7 chords ooh yeahhhh

( I like and have the Rudolph Serkin version, but there’s no video of it, alas)