Belligerant Honesty

I know of people who are careful with what they say on facebook.
I know of people who eventually rage and say they don’t care if someone unfriends them.
I know of people whom yesterday, over the Marriage Equality ruling, said things like “only one person unfriended me today,” or that “more than one person did so.”
50 or more people, likely more, I’ve only counted since june of last year, or maybe the year before…)
have unfriended me (since june of last year, or the year before.)
(I don’t know how many did before then.)
I’m almost proud, oddly, to say that I’ve NEVER had a problem with social conservatives on my facebook.
Belligerant Honesty, folks.
it has it’s points. particularly on facebook.
in real life too, yes.

people happier when THEIR needs are met

personally I think people are happier when their OWN needs are met, and THEIR OWN feelings are acknowledged and taken care of, rather than just subjugating them (almost always without their consent or even understanding (thanks tradition and religion)
yeah, rather than subjugating them to some grand larger whole, which may not have “anything” to do with THEM and THEIR FEELINGS.

it probably teaches them that

1. their own feelings don’t matter, and are bad; THEY don’t matter themselves,
2. BUT- if you subjugate yourself to “whatever”, you somehow become valuable, good,


PEOPLE! dammit, STOP IT!

yeah, I think the world, if it ever happens, will be a lot less fucked up if we

accept that we are human and stop being guilty about it.

music to the film JUPITER ASCENDING.

the soundtrack to the Wachowski (formerly brothers) film
I kinda like.
it’s amusing and amazing to me that I, a weirdo of harmonic tastes, can appreciate a simple
f minor to DbM major progression, repeated.
then again, Steve Reich uses exactly that progression (in music for a large ensemble, even in the same exact key)
in TONS of his pieces.