presenting one kind of thing as another

an attempt, not the first,
to create not a theory of everything, but of “some things”
involving analyzing
presenting one kind of thing as another, in the context of the former, or the latter, and which one is best…

is suddenly expanding, hopefully not unnecessarily into a discussion, within my brains,

of classical music,
ethnocentrism, white privilege, how in touch with the moment one or one’s culture is, and whether or not or one’s culture is alienated from the moment, from joy, and how important, if at all,
TELEOLOGY (goal-orientedness), LINEAR DEVELOPMENT in the western (music (and other things) sense is…, if at all…

an attempt for
my extreme-left-brain (as always) pre-pre-pre planning to:

take something, a cultural (musical expression) which happens to be popular, but it most often lacks aspects of music that I really like…
and turn it into
1. something I like better
2. an attempt to take something I like and make it popular….

no small fuckin order….

I’ve only got “the rest of my life” to try to do it. :):):)
speaking of which:

(most everything in this post was cryptic for “very specific things.” ask me if you want.)

speaking of which:

I’m diggin the tune at 16:34, down the backstreets, in this:

sometimes I like the raw material…

sometimes I happen to like the raw materials of something (jazz, funk, my favorite harmonies of choice, etc.)

so in those cases, I don’t “mind” if what is “done with” them, FORM-wise, is TYPICAL, cause I like the material that is actually being used. (think of a guy who likes meatloaf (not me) who doesn’t care in what form meatloaf is presented in, nor how much, for it’s meatloaf and meatloaf is his thing.)

I’m trying to say two different things here… something tells me this is going to come across as rather incoherent… here goes.

other times,
I dislike very much the FORM, the way something is PRESENTED… it’s IMAGE, too.
I dislike it as ARBITRARY, and “kinda uncool and uninteresting.”

yes, raw materials liked by me could help this situation, but here’s another idea:

*I typed the end of this, anticipating what I’d say…. then came back and- can’t get my thoughts organized, and now they involve using “lower” (what’s lower?) art forms IN “higher ones” (what are “higher” ones, and could there BE a more “white/western-centric approach to ANYTHING…?

to be continued after I think about it

the end:

thus I agree with Beethoven from the end, which if I remember correctly (I do, and Thanks DR. RUBIO)
“CONTENT DETERMINES FORM.” (at least more so than it once did.

to do otherwise, is to agree with “no child left behind” and any other one-size-fits-all JIVE ASS CONFORMIST approach, which

it’s getting late.
we really need to do what the hell we want.
when we’re gone…. we won’t want anything no more, nor be able to do it.

let’s GO! let’s GO!!!!!