HERE”””’s an idea.

HERE”””’s an idea.

acting like there’s an urgent deadline even when there’s not.

no small challenge for me.

I was always amazed by the behavior of goody-tw-shoes kids who did their homework friday afternoon, rather than sunday night…

perhaps I should try it though….

this whole “oh, bedtime tonight is at 2:20am, and it’s only 9 now, so we can put off anything important for several hours, but then we never get to it” thing is… well, less than productive I do say.

One thought on “HERE”””’s an idea.”

  1. I think it’s a great idea. Doesn’t even need to be “deadlines” in the corpho sense of “if this doesn’t happen by Monday morning then the sky has fallen” kind-of-thing but can be flex-lines like the kind I might draw as vectors when I’m creating an svg graphic, where a point placed in the middle, and then dragged, can bend the line into a curve. Obviously the line can only get so far bent into a curve until it’s less and less possible to even envision the original straight “dead line” between point A and B, but..

    It occurs to me that Mark Z.’s schedule was commonly 3a mandatory sleep, ~11a wake for most of FB until even recently, as I heard somewhere, but the basic idea is that yes there are some solid timelines in there. I would guess if the mandatory sleep time was 3a then i.e. for me that wud mean 2a/215a tops is the mandatory “get off the computer” time when I’m truly rolling round in computing i.e. if real sleep is actually going to begin at 3.

    Speaking of which, something I just enforced myself: the computer is no longer movable from the desk to the bed, and the bed has an extra pillow so that there’s not even the need to move an extra pillow from the desk to the bed if I were to go there to read or meditate. This makes it very clear to my psyche that the bed is where I do my reading (from the books that are near it), while the computer is where I do my computing. We’ll see how long it lasts of course, cus there are also some (non-fiction) PDF’s I have open in the computer although ah yes/hrm I cud move those to my droid I spose. :)

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