Linnea Sablosky, Voice

Linnea Sablosky (Voice) is an emphathic musician with a passion for close harmony and intricate rhythms. Born and raised in the San Francisco Bay Area, she accessed traditional world musics from the vibrant urban community.

Linnea was always singing, and has been teaching songs in harmony since she reached double digits, using her enthusiasm to draw complex harmonies from lips of all backgrounds. In 2013 she toured with Northern Harmony, singing and teaching music from Eastern Europe, Georgia, South Africa, and the U.S at workshops in England, North America, and Colombia.

She has been privileged to travel to Georgia to study with songmasters Islam Pilpani and Tristan Sikharulidze. Linnea currently attends California Institute of the Arts in pursuit of a BFA in World Music, expected Spring 2015. At CalArts she studies North Indian music, Persian music, and West African music and dance, and collaborates with her peers to create original work, incorporating her skill as a vocalist as well as percussionist.

One fruit of these collaborations is Aquadeer, an acoustic progressive indie rock band which released its debut album in May 2013. Aquadeer draws influence from artists such as Elliot Smith, as well as from musics of the Balkans, North India, and West Africa.

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