triplets against 5/8

omg dude…
hearing some music, a stready stream of unbroken fast 16th notes,
in groups of
6 followed by 4.

that is
dotted quarter- quarter, that is.

and yet…
I was playing triplets over it, three to a phrase…

which…. at least at this fast tempo…

is “so close to being the same…”
that it’s just trippy.

try this.

you are inclined to play
dotted 8th, dotted 8th (123 123)
then quarter (1234)

but, if you play THREE EVEN notes instead….
it is very close to being the same.


thoughtful, intuitive, insightful, intelligent

some people are perhaps very thoughtful, intuitive, insightful, intelligent in such ways. perhaps they are loving, perhaps they are less judging, through their own fault or through the fact that how they do or do not express themselves HAPPENS to remind me of angry mom, or not,
perhaps they are quiet, perhaps they see things.

I’m glad of them. they seem exceedingly rare,

those who concern themselves “not much if at all” with worldly everyday surface/boring things, to me at least.

what am I seeking?


if I’m NOT trying to use people to make me feel better, and I’m NOT seeking some kind of replacement for parental shortcomings….

then what the hell AM I seeking?

what’s that? to listen to other people?

…I don’t seem to want to do that.

I mean, I like my own thoughts.

what the hell…