some slippery chromatic harmony indeed:)

ok….ew…. (juicy and delicious harmony I do say)

cminor… arpeggiate (HEY, facebook says that is spelled incorrectly. it ain’t.) (perhaps I’m wrong…)
c minor (more like a low C, without any other notes, in what”sounds” like a minor context…)
, arpeggiate the bassline up C Eb F# then Ab… the melody DOWN Eb—–C—— (at same time.

so it’s c minor, then C diminished, then it adds an Ab,,,, making it sorta Ab 7…sorta…(it’s real sus-y.)
c# diminished, into d Half-diminished, D F A C, resolving, as if it were a V chord ( a diminished one) up a perfect 4th to
G Major, with B in the bass, First Inversion….

repeat down a half step….

b minor, into b dim, into G 7, soooorta,
to c diminished, into C# half-dimished, then, as if it’s a diminished FIVE chord, (yes, “lol”) move it up a perfect fourth to F# Major, over a A#, first inversion….

guess what this is….
I didn’t write it.
guess what it is…

It’s Wagner, from Gotterdammerung,

the WALTRAUTE scene, from Act I.


5:26 on the 19th track of the opera, in the middle of the Waltaute Scene, as Waltraute explains to her sister Brunnhilde the dire situation at Valhalla.