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so um, what ARE “new music people” doing?

so um,
may I ask,

all those
New Music People

who are playing more gigs than I,

what exactly ARE you doing?

playing a fair amount of gigs,
not getting paid all that much at all (same here)
and making your money with a combo of
teaching and “other gigs” (likely, mostly teaching)

my life may in fact not be all that bad at all.

especially if this seldom pays much at all, which, does seem the case.

I’d rather play less often, and when I do, have it be big and huge and awesome, and then nothing. or at least, in a more ideal and better organized world, BIG and HUGE AGAIN, just MORE OFTEN.

but not smaller, not practical, not smaller and less.

that doesn’t do it for me.

you want a slice of pizza, I want the whole pie.
you want a drink, I wanna party hard and be unconscious in an alley and hurt for two days.

you want a nice leisurely drive through the country on a sunday,
I wanna drive so far I wreck the car and can’t walk for a year.

well, I’ve already got this life, so, mission accomplished.

lets’ continue getting ready for the next big project, which still may take years.

window on anxiety, episode 1, 5 17 16

fearing being liked by normal people and/or being mistook for being normal (yeah right)
because you might have to tell them you don’t want to hang with them, because they aren’t as interesting as you want, even if you HAVE no interesting people to hang with (a situation which is NEVER the case, thanks to my hundreds of cool friends (or at least a few who are TRULY that)
because then you’d have to tell them that you’d rather hang with no one, than them,
or lie, all of which are less comfortable than telling the truth, or at least avoiding hurting people’s feelings, but not by lying.
DAMMIT… breath in….

… I think it’s official

… I think it’s official, I do not like BEING in suburbia, or any other place where things shut down and feel dead any time before midnight, hopefully later.
whenever I am in a hustling bustling environment, (near ucla, or in hollywood, or calarts on a thursday night) I feel like actually doing things…
for some reason I like the sense that there are many things goin on all around, and that they will keep happening all night, long after I
1. keep going on my thing WAY longer than only one or two hours, and
2. way past when I “DO” move on to something/someplace else.
what do you suppose this is?
personally, I think I’m
1. Sensitive, and
2. Like Stimulation.
P.S. I think I DO like “sleeping” in suburbia though
p.p.s   yes, it seems I like to cozy up and concentrate on whatever I’m doing (with my computer, or paper and pens) in such places (and headphones, never forget them.  or at least Live Jazz.)

so if my life WASN’T about coping with feeling unhappy

so if my life WASN’T about coping with feeling unhappy, because I WASN’T unhappy…

would I do something different?

wonder what…



I got ideas, yo

my bio, new

be professional, be professional, blah blah blah

Mike Robbins is a Percussionist and all-around Musical Weirdo residing in Los Angeles, who spends his time playing and teaching African Music, rather crazed and rhythmically Complex yet Groovy Percussive Music, and has a very-likely-unhealthy obsession with the music of Steve Reich, which he also Conducts and Plays on occasion.  He also teaches a little Music Theory of the Harmonically-Colourful Variety, and plays a little Harmonium to accompany North Indian Music.  He also arranged some Marching Band and Drumline music, and composes his own stimulating musics as well.