a private space

my favorite places always seem to be big big open ones, with nooks and crannies where you can be alone, but there is always something going on somewhere nearish by, so that there is something big and fun involving people, to do, but that it will go on with or without me, and that I can get away from it easy if I want, and not be surrounded by “just anybody” like in most public places.
very few places/spaces seem to qualify as this.
CalArts itself seems to be number one, of these.
it’s also nice, when said space is like, available always, open at 3am if desired.
also nice if it’s full of artsy weirdos who never judge, who, like you, are at any time super engrossed in some super-interesting stuff, to them, i.e, in their own little world.
I surely am an introvert in this manner yes.
a couple, one, maybe two, coffeehouses capture like 20 percent of this, most don’t at all.
really could use some more of such spaces.
you too?
I’ve had the idea of “building” one, renting parts of it out for cheap, somehow, like a hotel, but cheaper, and “not” making people rent it for a whole day if they only want it for 2 hours.
I just don’t feel “safe” around most people or in most places. not physically unsafe, no no, emotionally, in the introvert sense, or maybe the cat one.

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