you need to be loved by YOURSELF

you don’t need to be loved by others,
nor by god.
but by YOURSELF.

“Goodness and Truth lie only in the Depths.”  
-Wagner (the Rhinemaidens, actually.)

and yes, them other two things CAN HURT if you substitute em TOO much for that third (which is really the FIRST) thing.

people keep saying that people today are really selfish.

they are misusing the word selfish, grossly.

people today are focused on the approval of and attention from OTHERS.

that’s not selfish.

I mean, depending if you subscribe to “this” or “that” definition of the word, ok.

people should seek love and approval from THEMSELVES.

no amount of it from everyone else, the public, or god, yes,

will ever hold a candle to oneself.

you may think otherwise. go ahead.

I suppose an imaginary god is ok.

I suppose people are ok, but I tell you once again

“Goodness and Truth lie only in the Depths.”
-Wagner (the Rhinemaidens, actually.)

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