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Unfinished Fragment

I was about to say:

“Take no advice from “mere mortals”, they don’t know the answers. (mere mortals in the case simply means everyday people who aren’t as weird as yourself:))

but then

no, wait, advice from them is fine if it’s in ways to be kind to yourself, to be human, compassionate, to yourself, yes.

I originally meant

that they don’t know what I want,

what’s best for me,

what will

“do it” for me,

which reminds me of something I was to say days ago, being:

(again, Mere MOrtals simply is is colourful language for normal people.)
(I realize that I too am normal, but come on, it’s poetry, people.)

a fight with trumpet players…

more than once I’ve met a trumpet player, more than twice, actually,
who is all gutsy and ballsy and unashamed to say ANYTHING, all uncensored’n’shit, willing to be all rude and classless (like me) and stuff, and it’s hilarious.

then when someone (me) goes and does it to THEM, THEY get all butthurt.


I love you guys anyway, but come on, be tougher!

(this is not a serious post.  it’s TRUE, but come on, it’s entertainment, and meant to be fun.)KNEE.

construction, countrymusic, and oldies

while construction (of windows) is taking place on my building, the downstairs people were playing COUNTRY music, on guitars n shit.


then they played “oldies” (they kind from the 50s.)

they played House of the Rising Sun, and many others.


they didn’t end on an a minor becoming an a minor 7 becoming C Major though… (I went and told them this after.)