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missed chances for high-grade high stimulation

1.  (omitted cause it’s a long story)
2. not taking the chance to do something that’s High Stimulation, because you are too dehydrated/exhausted/hungry.

really mars what should be a  wonderful time and memory.

hate missed opportunities.

but here’s the challenge in “just moving on.”

they aren’t all equal.

not in any sense.

the next chance to feel THAT good THAT way won’t be for a year, if that, if ever.

moving on to the next thing won’t feel anywhere near as good as that.

really rare super fun things.

never miss them.

one reason why “I do not do certain things”-

…there are so very many things I do not do.
but perhaps it is not because I feel unworthy, or lacking in know-how, but because I simply do not want them.


part of a series on what I currently call

“The Four Challenges” (this dealing with Challenge #1 (which is third in order, more on that later.)finger-1299243_1280

too business-like

Not everything is supposed to be run like a business.
frankly, I think that applies to most businesses as well.


Care about more than just making money.  please.


and by god, don’t define yourself in terms of how much money you make, your relationship to others, within a business, elsewhere, or to  a business.


you are an individual.  be a good one.  have  a heart.  dollar-163473_1280

no airs of no normalcy round ‘ea

it’s interesting, being an individual who

1. didn’t really understand a lot of normalcy as a child.
2. still doesn’t.
3. wouldn’t and doesn’t choose said normalcy when given the choice.
4. didn’t and doesn’t feel the system was designed with him in mind.
5. doesn’t feel obligated in any way to present, TO ANYONE, ANY kind of AIR or APPEARANCE OF NORMALCY.

Wo, didn’t realize I was kinda a drill-sergeant

wo… weird…
thought I just had:

when it comes to MY teaching, I just thought almost instantly of many examples where, when “I” teach, the following notion is true:

“It’s not my job to make you feel good.
It Is my job to make you do what you DO good (being play music in my case.)”

(you can argue that there is nothing too wrong about making students feel good, indeed.)   just saying.

more creative business people, yes, that

is it me, or are a great many

business people and such


that’s not really a question at all.
it’s my opinion.

it seems to me that very often, all such people care about is “mindlessly, UNCREATIVELY and UNCRITICALLY
COPYING what has come before, which in it’s original form was probably

invented by

1. a creative
2. risk-taking person.

Attachment leads to Jealousy.
The Shadow of Greed, That is…”

-Master Yoda.

attachment to perfection, to what has come before.

do not be that way.


take fucking risks.
fail fucking miserably.
only them might you fucking fly.

(I didn’t mean to give offense in this post, I simply was a bit resentful when I wrote it.  I simply wish businesspersons were in general more creative, and no, it wouldn’t be too bad if creative persons (like me) were more business saavy, somehow (sp.)

Oh, and they shouldn’t be so unimaginative and conformist and fearful and mundane.  they should take far more chances and such. Basically, what I already said:)