You’re Still You/Be Here Now, yes

… seems easy to become envious, jealous, to see others and think “gee if only “I” had what THEY have… THENNNNN my life would be ok, THEN I could feel good.”

but surely, this MUST be an illusion, and far from the truth, right?

because I know, no matter what others do, no matter how well they treat you, nor how rich you are….

at the end of the day….
in the words of Tyler Durden, though in a different context.
“you’re still YOU.”

YOU with your insecurities and fear and anger, and all the other stuff, better things than negative emotions, I would hope, yes I have them too.”

so it can’t be about
being famous, being rich, or winning a grammy, or being loved by any specific people.
nor anything in the minds of others, and dare I say, nor of any god either.

others don’t have to live with you.
god doesn’t have to live with you either. (that is true whether he exists or not.)

but YOU DO have to live with you.

and there is no escape into being perfect, things being easy if “so and so” were different instead of what is.

it must be the here and now, it must by our knowledge, our experience, our feelings.

that must be it.

breath into it.

this is the universe, it would seem.

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