CBTL Coffee Bean and Tea Leaf, like old times

Like Old Times, perhaps, I am at a coffeebeat and tealeaf in hollywood. I first came to such a place 15 years ago, fall of 2000.
funny story.

1. I went to JAVA JOE’S (later JAVA’s) in ROchester NY, next to the Eastman School, every night for maybe a year prior to coming to California (and before that maybe too.)
I heard The Big Payback by James Brown there one day, and resolved to find out what song it was… oh yeah.
I first heard Dots and Loops by Stereolab in there too.
when I was being advised in kindness by eastman prof BRAD LUBMAN, that “CAlArts sounds like the place for you”, it was AT Java’s, and while it was happening, total coincidence, ECM 115, MUSIC FOR EIGHTEEN MUSICIANS by REICH was PLAYING randomly on their music system.
I went there with a nice girl once.
later I met another “nice girl” there. oh yeah.


in California, I discover that the Valencia starbucks (this is no longer the case) closed at like 9pm, and as a night owl, fuck THAT!

so, I drove down down down one night, to “The Coffeehouse” (a real place, on sunset.) 24 hour place. wrote music there.

but FIRST…
I sauntered back and forth for 2 hours on sunset blvd, UNABLE to park (apparently unaware that parking on a side street was even an option,)

and at one point, maybe the second or third trip down, went to a CBTL, on sunset, and was indeed uncomfy with the vibe. but whatever.

and now, here, I’m at one, 15 years later, in hollywood, like old times.

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