… I think it’s official

… I think it’s official, I do not like BEING in suburbia, or any other place where things shut down and feel dead any time before midnight, hopefully later.
whenever I am in a hustling bustling environment, (near ucla, or in hollywood, or calarts on a thursday night) I feel like actually doing things…
for some reason I like the sense that there are many things goin on all around, and that they will keep happening all night, long after I
1. keep going on my thing WAY longer than only one or two hours, and
2. way past when I “DO” move on to something/someplace else.
what do you suppose this is?
personally, I think I’m
1. Sensitive, and
2. Like Stimulation.
P.S. I think I DO like “sleeping” in suburbia though
p.p.s   yes, it seems I like to cozy up and concentrate on whatever I’m doing (with my computer, or paper and pens) in such places (and headphones, never forget them.  or at least Live Jazz.)

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