dynamics between people, should/shouldn’t

we wonder, what the dynamic between two people “should” or “could” be… regarding me being
1. a total loner
2. an introvert (or, maybe not, see below)
3. a Highly Sensitive Person
4. oh, depressed on occasions, more so in the past than now…
5. intelligent, so they tell me
6. kinda crazy
7. oh, adhd meaning my interests are super super specific and are in “intense things”, preferably over and over till I’m too tired to move or talk.
8. oh, yes, an ENTP,
etc, but let’s not get granite-1209113_1920ahead of ourselves, MYself, that is, here, now… let’s not.

we’re, I’M,

so comfortable being alone…

do we (do I) really want to mess all this up, with the chaos that is another person…

who knows…

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