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ehh, let’s be more positive, yes.

again, authentic or not….

is being approved of by others important, or is being honest and real(and therefore approved by ONESELF) important…

I know the answer.

Dammit, people should just what THEY LIKE. EVERYONE should do this.

that way, people wouldn’t be SECOND-HANDING everything, trying to GUESS what others want, and practically ignoring what THEY THEMSELVES want/are/need.

and no, little though of compromise has yet gone into this, after ALL, compromise comes, if at all, later, not in the beginning.

first you have a position, an ideal, an authentic, a real.

doing things for oneself or others

… Whether things are done for one’s own comfort/likes/tastes,
or for Other’s PERCEIVED comfort/likes/tastes, (as if that is even possible to know,) let alone their ACTUAL comfort/likes/tastes…

really is a BIG. QUESTION.
, now, isn’t it. (to me.)

and by extension, others doing things for “your” perceived comfort/likes/tastes… how can they know what your ACTUAL comforts likes and tastes are…

… psst. this isn’t actually a question at all, it is
my implication
that you should not in fact adhere to GENERIC social norms which, being generic, have possibly not all much in common with what other people ACTUALLY want.

and that you SHOULD to things according to YOUR likes and tastes and comforts.

just a thought, possibly a very big one.

I wonder what this has to do with being an artist. or being crazy. or awesome. or honest. or an individual. or all of these. not none. shoutout Raffi.

and yes, this is the way I think things should be.

I wonder also what this has to do with my feeling that being weird was not okay, as a child, as I as seem to have allowed my life to become a vengeful rebellion against the labelers, those who labeled me, while they are off living their lives (happily or otherwise…) I am here rebelling forever.

but alas, in the words of Yoda, “Decide “I” must, how to serve myself best…”
it is for no other to tell me, as it isn’t for anyone tell the main character from The Hurt Locker

that he should be happy at home with wife and kid, and not in Iraq in the adrenaline of battle, to be happy.

a step forward in self-esteem

thought of the day:
these days, thanks to therapy, I tell myself that I like myself, that I love myself.
I suppose that instead of thinking that I am unlovable or invalid,
that people (when it comes to romance at least) either have bad taste (their taste is not in me, that is)
or that they are simply not given the opportunity (by me, and my lack of engagement with them.)

(I assure you, friends, this is a marked improvement over “the old beliefs.”)